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Accomodation terms


This regulation is prepared in accordance with the Consumer Rights Protection Law, the Rules of hotel services in Russian Federation and established the order of booking, check-in, accommodation and services at the City Hotel.

Basic concepts, are used at this document, mean:

- “hotel” –  a part of the building, located on the 25th floor of the business center “Volgograd City”, which is aimed for hotel services and named as the “City Hotel”;
- “client” – an individual or a legal entity, that has concluded an accommodation contract and is responsible for the accommodation payment;
- “guest” – an individual who is planning to stay or has already stayed in the hotel;
- “hotel policy” – a set of rules that established the accommodation order at the hotel;

The hotel is aimed for temporary residence of the citizens during the certain period. Term of stay is agreed with the hotel management and the resident must leave the hotel room on expiry of this period.    


“City Hotel” works around the clock.



1. Check in time at the hotel is 14:00 by Moscow time. Check out time is 12:00 by Moscow time.
2. Method of payment for accommodation is prepayment. All payments must be made at the time of check in.
3. Payment for accommodation and additional services is made by cash, cashless transfer or credit cards at contract prices.
4. Payment for accommodation is made in accordance with check-in time – 12:00 by Moscow time. You may prolong your stay at the hotel by making a request at the hotel reception in advance. Your accommodation will be extended only based on availability.
5. Guest departure after check-out time is charged in the following order:

- no more than 6 hours after check out time – hourly pay;
- from 6 to 12 hours after check out time is a half- price per night;
- from 12 to 24 hours after check out time is a full price per night.

1. Accommodation before check out time (from 0:00 am until 12:00 by Moscow time) for no more than 1 day (24 hours) is charged per 1 full day.
2. Accommodation of children under 7 years in one room with parents without extra bed is free of charge.
3. To stay in a hotel you need to register at the reception. For residence registration tell the administrator your name or name of the person who has booked a hotel room for you ( in case of advanced reservation); present following documents to the administrator:

- for Russian citizens – passport or any other identification document;
- for foreign citizens – ID, entry Russian visa and migration card

After registration, please, fill in the “Guest application” personally, see the “Hotel policy”, fire safety and electrical devices regulations. Then receive room key and “Breakfast invitation”.

1. For your safety and comfort the staff of hotel will instruct you about the general terms of hotel, how to use hotel rooms and equipment, additional services and escort you to the hotel room.
2. The hotel provides guests the following services free-of-charge:

- heated and multi-leveled underground on-site parking;
- daily breakfast from 7:00 am to 11:00 am;
- daily room cleaning;
- individual safe
- iron and ironing board
- medical kit
- wake-up call
- taxi call
- emergency call

The hotel provides additional paid services upon guest’s wish according to the price list (list and roster)


There are following ways to make an advanced reservation (to book a room in advance) for guaranteed accommodation:

- via telephone call: +7 (8442) 99-80-07, 8-800-200-1207
- via e-mail: hotel@volgograd-city.ru
- via of our web-site: volgograd-city.ru.

In all these cases of advanced reservation you will receive a “Booking confirmation” in a convenient form for you.

1. Payment of booked-rooms is made by 100% prepayment cash or cashless transfer according to the current prices no later than 24 hours before accommodation.  
2. Reservation should be cancelled before the arrival date at least for 2 days by means of phone call or e-mail.



1. If a hotel guest wishes and administration allows inviting visitor from 08:00 am to 11:00 pm, this person must have an ID and be registered at the reception to get guest card.
2. In case of a visitor delay in a room after 11:00 pm or guest have a visitor at night (from 11:00 pm to 08:00 am ) administration registers a visitor for an additional place.
3. It is not recommended to invite unknown people to the hotel room, to leave visitors alone in the hotel room, or to leave your room door open.

The hotel isn’t responsible for the visitor’s actions.



1. Guest should leave the hotel room before check out time.
2. Before leaving:

- for the timely preparation of documents report the administrator about departure in advance;
- pass the room to maid before 15 minutes you live
- leave the key at the reception
- pay off all services at reception and get documents/




1. Comply with hotel policy.
2. Do not disturb other hotel guests, keep quiet and order in rooms.
3. Strictly observe preventive fire-fighting regulations and do not cause sets of fire.
4. Do not use electrical heating devices.
5. Pay for all services in time.
6. Switch off the light, water faucets and household appliances.
7. Smoke only in a special place for smoking.
8. For smoking in your hotel room you may be punished with a fine – 5000 rubles.
9. In case of loss or damaging hotel’s property you must reimburse full cost of damages.
10. It is forbidden to keep flammable material, weapons, chemical and radioactive devices at the hotel room.
11. It is forbidden to keep animals, birds, reptiles and etc.
12. In case of personal things loss you need immediately inform the administration of the hotel in order to take actions.



1. The hotel guarantees confidentiality of information on hotel guests and visitors according to the Federal Law on Personal Data №153-ФЗ from 27.06.2006
2. The hotel provides guests/clients the safety of personal things, which are in the hotel rooms, if guests/clients compliance accommodation terms.
3. The hotel is not responsible for loss of money, other currency values, securities, credit and telephone cards, jewelry, jewels and other precious things, which were not in a safe. In case of detection of lost property administration of the hotel takes actions to return it to the owner. If the owner can’t be found, administration of the hotel informs police or self-government body.
4. In case of complaints from the guest administration of the hotel take all necessary measures to resolve a conflict, according to the legislation.
5. Administration of the hotel reserves the right to itself to dissolve an agreement of accommodation unilaterally and to visit rooms without guest agreement in case of fuming, fire, flooding, and also in case of violation of accommodation terms, public order, order of using hotel equipment.
6. There is on-site video surveillance. Please note the fact of using video cameras at the hotel area (except private rooms and bathrooms).
7. For your safety, during your accommodation, security representatives of Business Centre “Volgograd City” may request to you and ask information about your aim of attendance the territory of Business Centre; may ask you to show your “Guest cars” to park your transport and also to confirm accommodation at the hotel. We ask you to take note of this fact and to treat it with understanding and responsibility.

8. We have a book of suggestions and comments located at the reception desk. We value your feedback should you have any.